Fri. & Sat. October, 7-8th

Guest House Retreat Center

Chester, CT

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Prayer, Worship & Study


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If you are a young adult - like us - who is serious about your walk with God, then "YES" this event is for you. Our desire is that this meeting would include a great mix of both college students, and those already in the workforce. Regardless of your career path, we desire a fellowship of those who are passionate about embracing all God has for them! We hope you're passionate about the same. If so, this meeting is for you!
*Note: with the room arrangements we are not able to accommodate married couples
Overflow New England is really just an idea born in the hearts of a bunch of college students from the New England area. We are passionate about Jesus, and we want to encourage others in their pursuit of the same.  But Overflow is not just a New England thing. In fact, we have been encouraged by friends far outside of the New England area, who believe whole-heartedly in this idea. Many of them plan to join us! We are thankful for the help & leadership of Community Baptist Church in Groton, CT We shared our ideas with them, and they are passionate in assisting us in the organization and oversight of our retreat!
Our goal in this retreat is just that - a retreat. A time away from the norm. We encourage you to join us for both Friday and Saturday. We certainly understand that everyone is busy, and work schedules can be challenging. We are speaking to our employers, and we encourage you to do the same. But if your circumstances don't allow for you to join us for the entirety of the meeting, then please let us know. We will work to make arrangements for you!
We would love for you to come! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your logistics to the retreat easier. We will try our best to help! If you are able to stay through Sunday, we would love for you to be our guest at church. If you let us know in advance, it would be our honor to host you.

Event Location

Guest House Retreat Center
318 W Main St

Chester, CT 06412

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